Wood Stove Automation


I had a hard time finding resources to automate my wood stove, so I pulled together various resources and with a bit of trial an error, I ended up getting a pretty stable system as it has run over the last 6 months. I am sharing the writeup that I put on my blog in two parts to hopefully help others who might be trying to do the same thing.

Harware Part

Software Part

Thanks so much.

That looks pretty cool, nice job! My next house (also the last one) is likely to have a wood burning stove so I’ll have to keep your project in mind, thank you for sharing!

Curious how well that damper position works. From the plot in the software page, looks like it bounces between full on and off. Probably want to look at the rate of change in the temperature? If temp increasing slightly, close damper for .5 seconds.

Looking to do similar with a wood boiler I’m using for a pool heater. Would be nice to not have to check it every 30 minutes.