Wooden WLED lamp

So this is my first attempt / prototype wooden lamp running WLED. I have learnt a lot for how to make the next one a lot neater / more precise but figured I’d share this one anyway.

I just have one little issue with it which I think is simply a faulty Wemos D1 mini (have had issues with another one from the same batch). Unfortunately it randomly reboots which causes any running effect to stop.

lamp candle flicker effect lamp rainbow effect

My next one will be much nicer but this isn’t too bad… for an electrician :rofl:


Not bad for an Australian :slight_smile:

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I’m totally pissed off with the last batch of ESP32 minis I bought on Aliexpress. All of them have power up (only connects 50% of the time, no fix found yet) and stability issues (sometimes disconnects when Tx-ing, adding a 100uF and 0.1uF capacitor in parallel on the 3.3V rail fixes this).

I’m buying nothing but QuinLED ESP32s from now on.

Well you sent me to google and I can see why! Good to know.

For those who can’t be bothered googling, QuinLED-ESP32 - quinled.info

This is one I’ve had lying around for at least 18 months…

I’d say I’ll be doing the same. I really liked the look of them when I watched his announcement video a while back.

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To give me time to order a few more before they all get sold out :slight_smile: Had to get ones with pin headers already soldered. They’re going to be fun to remove :weary: