Woonveilig Alarm System - Older models (WV-1716 & GATE01)

Hi All,

I’ve created one sensor and one switch to arm/disarm the Woonveilig WV-1716 alarm system. Some information about the system:

  • It’s a rebranded CTC-1716 by Climax Techology
  • it has a web interface running on port 80, default username/password are admin / admin1234
  • Can be easily programmed through web interface
  • You do not need a woonveilig subscription to use the alarm system with Home Assistant.

If anyone is intersted in developing a full-fledged plugin for Home Assistant I have the API documentation as a PDF and I am willing to share it. Maybe instead of a switch someone could make it into an actual Alarm System plugin. :slight_smile:

For now I’ve handled it by using switches and getting the history information and parsing it as text. The values returned are JSON-Ish but not valid JSON so I coulndt make it “pretty”.

Replace 192.168.1.X with the actual IP, replace the admin:admin1234 with the correct username and password if you’ve changed this.

The sensor:


  • platform: command_line
    name: Alarm Status
    command: “/usr/bin/curl -s -S -X GET http ://admin:[email protected]/action/historyGet | tail -n 3”
    value_template: >-
    {%- if ‘Disarm’ in value -%}
    {%- elif ‘Arm’ in value -%}
    {%- elif ‘Home’ in value -%}
    {%- elif ‘Burglary’ in value -%}
    {%- endif -%}
    friendly_name: Alarm


platform: command_line
command_on: “/usr/bin/curl -X GET http ://admin:[email protected]/action/panelCondPost?mode=0”
command_off: “/usr/bin/curl -X GET http ://admin:[email protected]/action/panelCondPost?mode=2”
command_state: “/usr/bin/curl -s -S -X GET http ://admin:[email protected]/action/panelCondGet”
value_template: >-
{%- if ‘Disarm’ in value -%}
{%- elif ‘Arm’ in value -%}
{%- endif -%}
friendly_name: Alarm

The switch only turns the alarm on/off, the sensor detects the status and can send a push message/etc. When combined into a group it looks okayish. Can’t upload screenshots right now as I am still a “newbie”.


Note: Because of my “newbie” status I could not post the CURL links correctly. There is current a space between http ://. Please remove the space when using.

I like your work :ok_hand:

Have you made any more work on the sensors and switches?

I’m working on a similar box, a rebranded CTC-1241.

I’m able to control it via the web interface and do status polling as described, and it also sends HTTP requests with panel status during initialization to the configured “push server”.

However, I’d prefer to have it actively report alarm events instead of having to poll for them.

It’s supposed to do reporting via the Contact ID protocol to the configured “internet service center”, so running a simple TCP server should do the trick. But - whatever I do, I can’t get it to send a single packet to either the “push server” or “internet service center”!

Did you get any further, or do you have any ideas?
I have the installation guide and the XML specification for the control protocol. Do you have any other documentation that could be useful?

Hi Kevin,

If you’re still around, I’m very much interested in the PDF of the API, or any manual in particular.
I couldn’t find a pm option, so here’s a post. Any help from anyone is much appreciated!

i know thats a old post but can you maybe share the PDF with API Documentation of Gate-01 with me somehow? I would like to reactivate my “old” GATE-01.

Hi. Did you manage with your ctc-1241??

No progress, regretably. Never got it to do push alarms.
Still have it though, and hope to revive it :slight_smile:

There is a Egardia HA Integration:
Which states:
The Egardia integration
enables the ability to control an Egardia/Woonveilig control panel. These alarm panels are known under different brand names across the world, including Woonveilig in the Netherlands. This was tested on the WL-1716, GATE-01, GATE-02 and GATE-03 versions of the Egardia/Woonveilig platform.
See :