Woosh Air?

Is anyone familiar with the Woosh Air air-quality monitor/smart furnace filter? We received one for free (my favorite price point) and have connected it to our network. It also connects to our ecobee thermostat, and can turn on the furnace fan to circulate air if it detects poor indoor air quality, and it also features a connected smart furnace filter frame that will basically tell you when it’s time to swap out the replaceable air filter. All of this seems like it’s ripe for integration with HA for a variety of potential automations and sensors. But there doesn’t appear to be an integration. Both the monitor and the smart filter appear, however, to be built on the ESP32 system, and my (admittedly noob-level) understanding is that such systems can often be modified to be brought into HA via ESPhome (I have an Emporia Vue that a lot of people have modded to work with ESPhome, which is how I learned of that avenue of integration). Before I go trying to reinvent the wheel as a total beginner, I thought I’d see if anyone else has one of these that they’ve successfully managed to connect to HA.

This device is relatively new, I guess. I learned after the fact that the inventor was on Shark Tank with it and managed to successfully get funding via that appearance as well as via crowdfunding etc. so I’m not sure how many people have it, or have even heard of it.

I just got an ad for this and am also curious. I’d love to be able to collect and track the data in Home Assistant.