Woox R7051 Siren via Zigbee2MQTT in Alarmo

Hello All
I have been looking through the community posts, but didn’t find any related posts. I fairly new to HA and not a software developer, but I have worked 25+ years in the Information Technology space so I have a fair understanding of what’s going on in HA :slight_smile:

I got a Woox R7051 Sirene which I have connected to HA via Zigbee2MQTT. The unit in discovered and I have can see the unit under Zigbee2MQTT and also under my Device list and in the Entity list I have 9 entities for this device.

The plan is to use this sirene with my Alarmo setup, but when I go into Alarmo and try to setup an Action, then the Woox R7051 is not listed under Entiry.

Can anyone give a hint on how to get moving on this. What am I missing in the setup/configuration of the sirene?

Thank you so much in advance.

Did you get the siren to work with Alarmo?
I’m thinking to buy the same siren.

No, I did not. I have given up on it an ordered a Heimann :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue here.
FYI, it’s working with ZHA, but sadly not with Z2MQTT :frowning: