WOOX R7060 connectivity problems

I’m having connectivity issues with WOOX R7060 irrigation system. I’m using conbee2 with ZHA. By looking at the logs I don’t have any fatal error.

Basically if reconnect the device it works with quite some delay. After couple of hours the device is non longer connecting while showing as connected.

Any suggestion?

I have similar problem with it. It works for a while but then randomly stops reacting and requires to pair it again .
Sometimes actually reloading ZHA allows me to toggle it but then connection lost again. Only after pairing again it becomes reactive for few hours may 2 days max before issue repeats…

Follow, I have te same issue with the WOOX R7060

Same issue, WOOX R7060 looses connection to Deconz from time to time.
But works better than ZHA ZNP = Texas Instruments Z-Stack ZNP protocol: CC253x, CC26x2, CC13x2 - looses connection more often.

I solved the issues by switching to Sonoff ZBDongle-E and adding more devices acting as a router around it. In my case I used some outdoor light from Philips HUE, without them it wasn’t working. It seems that the R7060 has not an optimal receiver, but now it works :slight_smile: