WooX R7060 - how to integrate with Conbee?


is there any way how to add Woox R7060 via Conbee using mqtt?

so far I have following state.

Same question here. Have you found solution?

yes, quite easy.
you have to install newest mqtt and then put in config:
zigbee_shepherd_devices: true

I finally bought Orbit B-Hyve and will try to integrate it. It looks that the integration for Orbit devices are quite advanced in HACS

strange thing happened to me. Everything works fine between WooX and HA since 2 months. Few days ago it stops. Just like that.

Currently in the logs I can find following:

zigbee-herdsman-converters:WooxR7060: Unrecognized DP #106 with data

any idea what to do?

Hello @Gre_Mi

I am trying to paring it to my zigbee2mqtt (conbee2) and I have the same issue as you.
I have the Zigbee2mqtt version 1.23.0 (the last)

I have 2 errors message : Woox R7060 “Unrecognized DP” 106 and 107.
Accordingly I can not interoperate with it.

Did you resolve this issue ?

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can you use the device with HA and conbee stick?

Can you tell me where to add this, in what config and with what syntax? I also have the same problem.

Also have the same issue. Did anyone found a solution?