Work around to integrate Niko Home Control 2 in Hassio

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Dear All,

I’ve been searching for weeks to integrate NHC2 into HA by reading posts, forums, and all kinds of information that might help to get the job done, but to no avail.

Can anybody please provide a work around from A to Z how to get NHC2 working in HA ? I would appreciate a lot.

What I’ve done so far is:

  1. as mentioned above:
    a. GitHub - boced66/hass-nhc2: Niko Home Control II Home Assistant Integration : Download the zip file (green “code” button)
    b. Unzip the file in your computer
    c. Import the unzipped folder “nhc2” in the folder “custom_components” in HASS
    d. Restart HASS

  2. create a API in the NHC2 Programming software => password received

  3. add in the configuration.yaml:
    host: (ip address controller in local network)
    port: 8884
    username: “hobby”
    password: “received_API_password”

    Are the brackets (" ") required ?

But when I then want to add Niko in Hassio, I get immediately a pop-up that refers me to the HA help page, which is irrelevant/outdated since it refers to an IP address for a Niko light… .

Any help is welcome !


Hi Dirk,

You can install it from
There you can add integration, download (add integration) GitHub - joleys/niko-home-control-II: Home Assistant Custom Integration for Niko Home Control II (this is a spin-off)
after download and restart, you can add nhc2 as device like you normal do by its IP and key.
No config needed.

If HA can’t find NHC2, unplug your UTP or reboot NHC.

I used this config for more than 4 months without problem, but last 2 weeks, NHC keeps disconnecting from NHC.

Can you post me a status update?