Workaround the dull "drop down" menu while setting "favorits" for Wear-OS appen

i have a really bad userexperiens when i try to choose the favorits that should been shown att the wear-os app. I end up to have a verry dull drop-down menue with makes no sens to me: The enteties are not even sorted in alafbetik order and their i didn´t found any way to typ text so that i can get a better sorting.

Just now it is for me a very iditotiskt “hide-and-seek” game.

Despite i think that this should be a major object of improvment (using the possiblity to choos after type, after rooms and getting same possiblity to type / search efter names) i am looking for a workaround.

Is their a possiblity to edit the favorits by yaml code or anyware else than in the mobile-app?