Workday Integration - Optional Holidays

Is the Workday integration supposed to include optional holidays? The docs don’t say.

I’m in Ontario (Canada) and Civic Holiday is an optional holiday in Ontario. When I try to add or remove “Civic Holiday” from the list I get an error. Civic Holiday is definitely included in python-holidays.

If they aren’t included, it would be great to have an option to include them.

Edit: I think I answered my own question. “Remembrance Day” which is a national optional holiday doesn’t work either.

If someone could verify this for me before I submit a feature request I’d appreciate it!

Did you ever sort this out? Same for me. I’m in Canada as well.

No. The Holiday integration that’s coming out with 2024.1 doesn’t include optional holidays either.

There is an open pull request for selecting categories within an options flow.

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