Workday Sensor 2024.6.x

Since updating to 2024.6 the Workday sensor does not appear to be changing from on to off, or off to on. On Saturday morning the switch was set to on, when it should have been off (weekend mode). My radio and other automations went off at the weekday time.

Over the weekend I updated to 2024.6.1 and the sensor set itself to off on reboot (the correct weekend state). I hoped that the point update had fixed this.

This morning (Monday) the automations which should have run at 06:30 did not run. They did eventually run at 07:30, the weekend time.

Has anyone else noticed the same issue with the Workday Sensor? I have searched the forum but I could not find any recent posts about this.

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Yes a fix is on it way.


Ah, that explains my tank of cold water this morning.

Sensor was off this morning, thought it was a temporary glitch as it came back on once I removed some old hard-coded holiday dates. Iā€™m on 2024.6.0 at the moment.

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