Workday Sensor Bug?

Hi all,

Is there a bug with the workday sensor? I have the sensor programmed for Mon-Friday as workdays, yet at just after midnight on Sunday morning the sensor is turning on; and at just after midnight on Friday morning it is turning off?

How do i raise a bug? In the interim I guess I just do an offset :slight_smile:

Did you check your HA timezone is correct ?

Seems ok to me:

I also have this config in my configuration.yaml but I believe this is more for bank holiday automation.


Your history shows the sensor off on the 11th and 12th of March. Saturday and Sunday.

The day begins and ends at midnight.

You are right I was reading it incorrectly - but why has it gone off this morning at midnight - today is Friday?

Is it a public holiday where you are?

United Kingdom - No

How do I tell if the database HA is pulling from lists today as a holiday?

It uses this: holidays · PyPI

Think I have it - it is Saint Patricks Day in Ireland, but not here in the UK. Think it is picking that up. That is annoying for it to turn off on a regional holiday, but guess that is as good as it gets :slight_smile:

If I add

Province: England

to my configuration.Yaml I should be good in the future I guess.

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All sorted - thanks so much for your help. :upside_down_face:

You’d have been caught by Scottish only holidays too, not just NI.

For the Python Module, County = GB includes all UK holidays so you specify your region (which for UK is the actual country :see_no_evil:) to be more localised…you can see the breakdown in the link Tom posted.
Kinda all over the place politically (won’t go there) but once you figure it out (as you have now) then all good :+1:t2: