Workday sensor, extra working days

Currently workday sensor supports workdays/holidays for most of the cases.
Unfortunately I havent found a way to add “extra” workdays to its list, either by date, or by name.
Not sure how it happens in other countries, but in my country sometimes they move a workday to weekends, so another time it can be “merged together” to have a longer weekend.
ie.: 2022-03-26 (Saturday) counts as a workday.

Is there any way to do it, or any plan to extend it? Or should it be asked on from holidays · PyPI instead?

Relevant integration: Workday - Home Assistant

You mean, with the options to add or remove holidays?

By doing exactly the opposite of holidays, or just defining custom list of special days, so something like this:

  - platform: workday
    country: US
    workdays: [mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, extra_workdays]
    excludes: [sat, sun, holidays]
      - "2020-02-24"
      - "2020-04-25"
      - "2022-02-26" # Saturday

Current implementation just “demotes” a holiday to a regular day, but can not “promote” a weekend to a weekday. (ofc you can put holidays to weekdays, but that doesnt solve anything)

Remove holidays (treat holiday as workday)

Days are either a workday, or a non-working day… it’s purely binary.

If you remove 2022-02-26 as a holiday, it becomes a workday.

kinda. you have a whitelist, and a blacklist.
on overlap, blacklist wins.
so if its both Monday and holiday, it will be non-workday.
but right now you can’t say its Saturday and extra-workday to make it a workday.
My point is with 02-26 is that’s a weekend, so config from above would consider it as non-workday, since it’s in the exclude list

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