Workday sensor in config/sensors directory

I’m trying to set up the workday sensor in v94.1. I have my sensors in a directory under config called sensors. When I create a config/sensors/binary_sensor.yaml and put in the following, I get the error “platform not found: sensor.workday”.

platform: workday
country: US

What am I doing wrong?

I assume you included sensors in configuration.yaml?
Do the same for ‘binary_sensor’ as it’s a different component.

I do have an include for sensors in configuration.yaml. I’m not sure what you mean about doing the same for binary_sensor. Do you mean to have another include statement for that? Or I guess I can just include a binary_sensor statement in the yaml file?

Edit: Never mind. I see that I already have a “binary_sensor” in my configuration.yaml file. I added the workday component there. Thank you!