Working at kitchen sink automaton

Looking for trigger ideas to turn on the light over the kitchen sink while washing dishes or working at the counters next to the sink.

I thought about a couple vibration sensors attached to the under the inderside of the counters and sink.
The sink is stainless steel so I doubt there would be an issue sensing vibration there, but the counters are quartz. Im not sure if the sensors are sensitive enough to sense vibration thriugh quartz.

What are your experiences with these tyoes of sensors and I’m interested in other trigger ideas.

Zigbee, wifi, or zwave?

These presence sensors are very good at detecting small movements:

They work with zigbee2mqtt, not sure about ZHA.

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Not sure if it is applicable here, but i use motion in my shower.
However, it turns out they do not work very well when taking a shower…

But my (gas) boiler has a sensor that detects the request for hot water.
So I made it like whenever the hot water tap is open, the light won’t turn off :smiley:

Do you have a floor mat or rug in front of the sink? If so, you could put a pressure sensor under it.

I have vibration sensors under kitchen work desk and they are pretty sensitive. When I put glass on desk, lights turn on. I also have another vibration sensor attached to the hose feeding kitchen faucet and that also works great - turning on water turns on lights.

I solved that with a long timeout (like 5-7 minutes) on the shower motion sensor. lol

Second on the presence sensor. I have an Aqara FP2 that splits my kitchen into zones (sink, stove, refrigerator, back door, and bar) and I trigger based upon presence in those zones. Works pretty well most of the time.

You clearly don’t have teenage girls (or maybe you do, and are prepared to deal with complaints about shower length being curtailed).

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Nope… Kid is all grown up and on his own… let him run up his own damn water bill! :rofl:

Lol…i do :joy:

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Get a smart valve. Timer.

a smart valve on the full shower water is too obvious. I recommend putting it only on the hot…

“oh! you must have used up all the hot water…”



Yes that’s what I had in mind, they say you should end your shower with a cold shock anyway. You are just setting them up for success…


I like where this is going…going to look for a valve…

Now only find a way to differentiate between daughter and wife :laughing:


Weight sensor in the shower maybe?

If you follow my advice, make sure you have a comfortable couch!