Working with 2nd gen Nest

Recently, I wrote up a small instruction on how to get Nest to work with multiple sensors. The goal of this writeup was to use alternative sensors outside of the Nest thermostat due to a problem I had with its location near a minor heat source. This is done by disabling some of the features that are built into the Nest which makes it essentially an on/off heater control and control it with HA’s generic thermostat module. . . There has to be a better way of doing this.

The post can be found here:

Is there a way to root, or hack the Nest that might allow some of these functions?

  • Offsetting/change/calibrate the default sensor in Nest by a certain number of degrees to match an external sensor
  • Have Nest refer to a 2nd sensor

Otherwise, as I mentioned in the original post I could:

  • Replace Nest with Ecobee or 3rd gen Nest with multiple native sensors
  • Move my Nest to an ideal location

Are there any other suggestions?

I moved my Nest out from behind the TV. I have plans to test and work with the following changes:

  • When night mode is on and bedroom sensor is off by X degrees from start target temperature, change target by X (tricky), revert to start target temperature when night mode ends
  • When home is occupied and night mode is off and 3 sensor’s variance is X turn house fan on for 15 minutes