Working with ESP boards (For Dummies)

Trying to figure out how to work with ESP boards. I would like to setup motion sensors on the washer/dryer for notifications and I’ve come across a number of guides on how to use an ESPxxx to do this. However, they all assume a level of understanding that I don’t have.

  1. How do you interface with the board? Is it a straight USB connection from it to a PC?
  2. How do you know what kind of power it needs? Do I just grab any USB power brick and plug it in, is it possible to power these things with a reasonable number of batteries for a reasonable amount of time?

I’m an IT professional so I’m not hopeless…but sometimes I need someone to hold my hands and draw things out with crayons for me :smiley:

To start with, yes, this is how to send the initial code to it. After that, updates can be sent OTA.

You definitely can do. Depending on the install location you could potentially obtain 3.3 / 5V from the device you are installing in or include a power supply to convert the appliance power (mains) to the 3.3 / 5 you need.

It can be done. If you use deep sleep the battery life can be extended, but wifi can be quite draining.

I suggest having a look at ESPhome as this is your best option for programming them and integrating with HA.

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