Working with Non-Smart TV & TP-Link HS-100 Smart Plug or similar setup

I recently purchased a LG 43LH5000 TV prior to starting to setup my Home-Assistant environment. We use our TV primarily for Chromecast or as a monitor for my fiancée’s desktop computer. With that said, we didn’t feel the need for the Smart TV functionality as I’d always use Chromecast to cast Netflix instead of a Netflix app on a Smart TV interface.

Anyway, does anyone know if I use a TP-Link HS-100 or similar smart plug can I use this with Home Assistant & My Echo Dot to turn the TV on/off?

Any other ideas?


I have seen several posts in other home automation sites where using a smart outlet to turn the TV (or other similar electronic devices) on and off, has resulted in blown power boards in the TV. You would be better off using an IR blaster attached to your HA device, or and Arduino or have a look at the Harmony Hub.