Working z-wave shutter in hassio

Dear all,
I’m going to exchange my manual roller shutters with electrical ones and I"m looking for the best z-wave shutter without issues. I use hassio 0.104.3 and the build in Openzwave 1.4 at the moment.
I had problems with the Qubino ones (did not get it working). I also tried out the Robbshop ROB_100-010-0 shutter (Sunricher shutter SR-ZV9080A-A) and got it working via the route explained in the following topic: Qubino Mini Dimmer to 10.
It sometimes stops working due to overload protection it seems.
I also bought an ZW141 from Aeotec and software version 2 only had close and open. I thought the version 3 software upgrade was great as it add level support but now I have issues with getting it to work. I tried the same with the version 3.01 from Aeotec as with the Sunricher product but I do not get the parameters so I cannot control it. I asume it has to do with version 1.4 openzwave not able to handle it. Aeotec adviced to select MULTILEVEL SWITCH COMMAND CLASS. I used command class type 112, not sure the proper one though.
I also saw a lot of issues with Fibaro Shutter 3 so I’m pretty much stuck. Can anybody recommend me an bug free zwave plus shutter?
Thanks for any support on this.

Hi, what problems did you have with the zw141 and the firmware version: 3.4?
I have problems with disconnection, the modules die on me…

Dear Alejandro, The problems were related with Openzwave, which has been replaced with the great working Z-Wave JS in the mean time. I have not installed the Aeotec anymore as I bought Fibaro Walli Roller Schutters and replaced my manual switches. I therefore cannot give any experiences with the ZW141. I might install it when I have use for it.