Worries of Restore from flash

How could I save my esp8266 flash in case fast updating sensors (flash capacity is 100,000 writes) during restoring from flash?
Is my idea descibed below right? (maybe good point for documentation bettering)

integration sensor (total energy) updated every 1 second (restore: true) broke up this flash limit after 27.8hours
When I use filters with throttle (1hour):

  • throttle: 1h
    Is it good enough for saving my flash ? Or there is different method?

Thanks for your response

I can’t tell for sure but the integration sensor seems to be a flash killer.
I’m not sure you can lower the flash write rate with throttle.
Search esphome github issues this topic has been discussed already

it shouldn’t be like that. did you try to change it? scan_interval etc?
where is it anyway, in HA?