Would an Intel Atom touch screen system be useful to work with Home Assistant

This is an old pos system that has a touch screen. It can be wall mounted with a wall mount kit. It has Atom D2700 dual-core 2.13GHZ with HT. With 2GB to 4GB DDR3 MHz. 15 inch touch screen. It comes with 16GB to 32GB of storage. Has a MSR on it. Would a terminal like this be useful for any tasks with home-assistant? I realize home assistant runs on raspberry pies, but just curious if it could be useful for a cool remote display or something like that. I installed Ubuntu Mate 20.04 on the terminal and everything worked except sound. Did not test MSR. Any suggestions on what to do with these terminals would be appreciated. I would prefer to use terminals with some Linux project.

As I’ve replied before:
Well, you could

  • Use it as a kiosk with Chromium
    • And install browser-mod
      • And use it to make noise when stuff happened if you add a speaker
      • And use it as a camera if you add one