Would like to set the Nest mode to 'off', 'heat', 'cool' or 'heat-cool'

I can’t find a way how to turn the Nest thermostat off. One can set the away mode of nest using the thermostat/set_away_mode (true/false), but not the heat mode. Some explanation about the heat mode is located here:
Not sure, if the thermostat/set_hvac_mode can be reused for this? It is currently not implemented for Nest. Even the underlying python_nest library seems to support this, though not sure if it works.

I have created a pull request https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/2621. Tested on my environment successfully.

Do you foresee any way to implement the full fan modes, too? Right now there is on/off support, but no “on 15 minutes of every hour” mode. Would be nice to have the fan cycle air around where you are gone to prevent it from being stagnant.

I’ve looked into controlling this before, and could only find support in PHP, not Python. Was just curious is anyone has seen that change recently, as it’s been a while since I have looked.