Would Sonoff BASICZBR3 be suitable for attic installation?

I have a closet light that’s wired to some recessed lights above a bed. This was done before I moved it. It looks like the closet light was added later and they just wired it into the last can and dropped the wire down into the closet for a fluorescent tube fixture. I’ve since changed the fixture to direct wired LED tubes.

I want to put in WiZ R20 bulbs(I’d prefer zigbee bulbs but they don’t make any in that size) into the recessed lights and wire them to be always on with a Lutron Aurora dimmer controlling them through HA then add a switch in line to the fixture and just control it through opening the closet doors which I already have it set up to do.

Would the BASICZBR3 or any other zigbee/zwave switch be suitable for an attic installation (we do get some high heat during the summers. getting into the mid 90s sometimes). Alternatively I could try something like the Fibaro Zwave sensor that has a wire antenna and dangle it out of the metal fixture, but that just seems like it’s asking for issues, but wouldn’t experience the heat of an attic in the summer.