Would you call this vertical blind position "Open" or "Closed"?


My girlfriend says they are closed…
I say they are open…

Ask her if she’s able to walk through a door if she thinks it’s closed or open.
I can’t even begin to imagine a world where that would be considered “closed”

In her mind, the blinds are open when they look like this…
She held up her hands apart and said See, this is open!

and then put her hands together and said This is closed!
Not sure if it’s a female’s brain or an Asian brain or an Asian female brain but both Asian females in her house agree, LOL.

I had to set up her Alexa her way since it’s her blinds in her house!

Now I have to create a voice profile for me on her Alexa so when I say Open the blinds they will operate as per my thinking!

I…I don’t even know what to say… :man_facepalming:

Maybe you could use the examples of doors or windows or gates and get to understand that things are closed if you can’t pass thru them and open of you can.

Then close the blinds and ask her to walk thru them. See if that helps? Other than that I got nothin’.

A couple of months ago, someone posted the exact same thing regarding blinds.

First thing to note: Reality is Irrelevant.
2nd thing to note: When engaging in a war of wits, it is ungentlemanly to fight an unarmed opponent.

I’ve already conceded!!

When it comes to her venetian blinds, the meaning of open/closed is reversed to that of a curtain: pulled up is open, extended down is closed.
The verticals though are like curtains: extended hiding the window is open, pulled back exposing the window is closed.
I even tried likening to a curtain in a movie theatre. She’s adamant that before the movie starts, the curtain is open because you can see the curtain and when they pull them back they are closing the curtains and that us white people have it backwards!!! :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: :palms_up_together: :man_facepalming:

This might seem severe, but do you want a lifetime of this, from a survivor of similar inanity?


I’ve created duplicate Alexa routines:

"Alexa, open the blind " sets the blind motor to on (pulled across)
“Alexa, close the blind” sets the blind motor to off (retracted)
“Alexa, Daniel says open the blind” sets the blind motor to off (retracted)
“Alexa, Daniel says close the blind” sets the blind motor to on (pulled across)

as well as “Alexa, set the blind to half way” (which there is no disagreement on).

Plus the device has a wall mounted, portable remote control:
up is pulled across, down is retracted (as per her specifications…).

She’s happy!
I’m happy that she’s happy (and I can control them my way)!
We’re both happy!

My remaining lifetime at age 63 is rapidly waning so yes, excepting this bizarre logic on curtain position, she has a good head on her shoulders and she’s the best thing in my life! If I was 1/3 this age I might decide otherwise…

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that’s pretty much the only place I can think of that open & closed are used in that way. So the example still stands.


even then it kind of still stands…