Wow! My first post & just found HA and

:smiley:This is my first post. I am an electrical engineer(retired 70) that worked in vehicle power train controls in assembly, C, and C++. Then did solar power system in Linux/Python for my house and another for my shop. I live on 10acres(4 hectares) with shop, greenhouse, barns, HAM radio and antennas and I am automating everything (so far, with RPI/Arduino/Sonoff/esp8266). just found Home-Assistant a week ago. It has been like learning from a fire hose! I just loaded hassio and have it working with ssh, samba, mqtt. I have not implemented any controls yet, but that is next. The whole paradigm of hassio is new to me (I write the code normally, not provide configuration files for other people’s code…how I spent my career). So, I have a lot to learn! I want to integrate all the stuff I have and acquire the best sensors/activators to expand my system. I will be reading a of posts! I have the following I would like to integrate and I get the idea that most are supported in hassio.

ADT pulse alarm
AcuRite weather station
Alexa on Echo Dots (5)
Amcrest cameras (5)
Sonoff devices
Raspberry Pis (6)
Arduinos (3)
MQTT for most
Modbus for solar charge controller

Question: Is there a couple places I should be reading/looking at before I start configuring? I am starting from scratch on this.

A very big THANK YOU to the team that makes this possible for the rest. I will always try to show my respect and appreciation in how I interact with this forum. A lot of people have done a huge amount of voluntary work, so criticism and impatience are not appropriate. They OWE us nothing! We owe them…period.

Best wishes
:man_farmer:Doug, N8VY


I’m relatively new myself but my answer to your question is, “No, just dive in!”.

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Thanks Robin;

I went to the site and that will definitely be useful in bringing me up to speed.
I appreciate your kind recommendation.



Have a look at youtube, there are a few good people on there, BurnsHA, Bruh and a few others :), they will help get you upto speed :slight_smile:

Youtube is your friend! Thanks :sunglasses: