Wraper arround notify for esphome display

i made this esphome based display EHMTX . It would be nice to send data to it with notify. The notify should “translate” the notify parameters to the esphome calls.


service: notify.ehmtx
  message: text
  title: iconname
  target: ehmtx_device


service: esphome.*ehmtx_device*_screen
  icon_name: *iconname*
  text: *text*

i think this should be easy, but i need some help.

You define services on the esp device and they show up on ha Native API Component — ESPHome

That is already working fine!

But instead of calling the service: esphome.ehmtx_screen to display a notification on my esp device i like to use a notify.ehmtx call.

The result will be the same but e.g. the alert integration can only use notifiers. So it is more “streamlined”

So i need a platform in the notify domain that “translates” a notify.notify call to a service call to my esphome component.

Hope i explained it right.

I get it now. But I don’t know the answer.

There is a commandline notifier. Using the web rest api in esphome you could send a message to a sensor and therby trigger some action on the esp device.

After one sleepless night :wink: t. Here is the first attempt EHMTX notify component

has this been abandoned? It doesn’t appear to be in HACs or work if loaded manually, sadly

with the notify component you can’t change the color. Take a look at this new version GitHub - lubeda/EspHoMaTriXv2: A simple DIY status display with a 8x32 RGB LED matrix, implemented with esphome.io and Home Assistant. and use the service calls to display text in the colors you like.

I am using an ESP32 S3 Box, which comes with a nice display.
Currently, I am just showing a Clock where the Time comes from HomeAssistant - but I am interested in getting at least some notifications displayed on the Box, too.

For example, when I am getting a notification from my waste-collection scheduler, etc.
The notification will be displayed in the HA Notification area, on a Mobile device - and it would be great, if it could also be displayed on the ESP - and as soon as the Notification got confirmed (on which device ever) it should disappear.

One thing to note here:
The ESP32-Box does come with a Touchscreen component.

So it would be great, if the Notification could be confirmed by touching either the notification area (where it will be shown) or another specified are (the little red circle on the box itself → see photo)

Would this be possible with this component?
At least, without the confirmation part on the ESP itself - this needs to be created within the esp config.

Not really, the larger screen does not fit in to my design for a 8x32 display.