Write back help

I have set my inverter to send data to HA through ESPHome via ESP32.

There’s a Read/write registry entry in registry for inverter to grid change voltage.
I can read the value using the following

 - platform: modbus_controller
   modbus_controller_id: srne1
   name: "Inverter Switching Voltage" #name for HA
   id: srne_inverter_switching_voltage #id for HA
   register_type: holding
   address: 0xE022 #register address (see modbus manual)
   unit_of_measurement: "V"
   accuracy_decimals: 2
   device_class: Voltage
   state_class: measurement

Since this is a Read / write registry item, can someone please help me to set it up to change the voltage value through Home Assistant?

Anyone please?

You can do it with number component in esphome, but I don’t know how it works with home assistant (I don’t use HA). Try with dumb number component first.

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