Write NFC Tags for HA Using PC

I’m new to NFC, and I’m no expert on HA, so please excuse any ignorance on my part.

I’m trying to create NFC tags to control some lights, security features, and maybe create a jukebox. HA advises using the Companion Apps for this (i.e. phone). The trouble is, my Moto G Power doesn’t have NFC capability. (No clue why a phone made in the past five years doesn’t, but it is what it is.) I’ve been searching for a few days now and can’t find any alternate method to write NFC tags for HA.

I purchased an ACR1255U-J1 tag reader/writer thinking I could pair it via bluetooth with my phone and/or my Raspberry Pi running HA via bluetooth and then use it to scan tags and trigger automations. Suffice it to say, however, while I can use an app on my phone to read/write tags, I cannot do so using the HA Companion Apps.

So is there a way to 1) write HA NFC tags with my Windows PC or Android phone and the ACR1255U-J1 or another device? and 2) read those tags and trigger automations using these devices?

Additionally, it would be great if the NFC documentation were more robust and able to answer questions like this. If the answer is already there, and I just missed it, please point me in the right direction.

There is a stand alone tag reader/writer. You can build it yourself or purchase a pre-built unit:

This device is specifically linked to in the second paragraph of the tag integration documentation:

There has also been significant development with Bluetooth and Home Assistant.

You may be able to passively scan your ACR1255U-J1 device to receive scanned tags. Writing is unlikely without dedicated development.

Thank you kindly for the guidance and information. I did see the tag reader you linked, but I had missed the link to purchase prebuilt units. This is very helpful and much appreciated! I’m consistently amazed at the breadth and depth of development and cross-platform support for HA, as well as the dedication and generosity of this community.