Write to logger every time an event is fired via automation

So I have some IKEA TRADFRI blinds that have been lowering themselves seemingly at random throughout the day. I’m not sure what’s causing it – they’re brand-new and thus far the only Zigbee devices on my network. I do have a Phillips Hue system, but I don’t think the two would interfere with one another since I haven’t heard anything about this online.

This leads me to think there are 3 possible ways it can be happening:

  1. Some sort of interference on the same channel (unlikely, I think, but possible)

  2. Google Assistant randomly triggering them (doubtful)

  3. A faulty Home Assistant automation

Here’s what the logbook is saying:

All 3 are being triggered at the same time, but the logbook doesn’t give me any information as to how it’s being triggered. It’s also happening at 2:30 in the morning, for some reason.

I’ve grouped my automations into 2 categories – “events” and “listeners.” Essentially if I have something which can cause multiple actions based on a state change, it fires an event instead. The “real” automations just listen to these events to perform actions. This way, if I change what criteria causes something to happen, I just need to update one automation (the one actually firing the event) and not all of them.

The automation that fires the event my blinds are listening to looks like this:


Going forward, it’ll be helpful for debugging if I know exactly what events are coming off the event bus in the logbook. That way I can at least rule out if it’s something that Home Assistant is doing or not. You can see that I’ve added a way to add a log entry to the logbook once the event happens, in this one particular case.

However, I can see this becoming more and more of a pain to debug as I add more events and such, so I’ve been thinking I want to automatically write to the log any time an event is fired via automation. That way, I know exactly why something happened, and if there’s no log entry associated with the event happening I can rule out HA as the cause. It also removes the human element of me forgetting to add the extra action at the end.

I’ve tried listening to the * event, but it would cause HA to crash any time I looked at the history view, and nothing seemed to be updating in the logbook (probably because it was constantly spamming due to entities constantly changing state).

Any ideas?

How did you integrate the blinds? deCONZ, ZHA or TRADFRI hub?
Every one of those has issues, I’ve heard from someone (using deCONZ I think) that they sometimes lower themselves to 10%…
Are you running the latest firmware on the device?
Can you try removing the battery from each one for ~20s? (That seems to fix some issues)