Writing Data to External DataBase

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We are using HA as an automation monitoring system. We have HA integrated with a KNX installation and we want to monitor the HVAC system of this installation. For this, we are using Grafana as a graphical interface and TimescaleDB or PostgreSQL as databases. We are facing an awkward problem:

  • Is often that setpoint values to remain stable for long periods of time, however, we set up HA to cyclically READ the value of these setpoints
  • HA records every new entry in the logbook even if its equal to the previous entry
  • NO new entry is recorded in databases if the value is equal to the last one. This causes visualization errors that may lead us to wrong interpretation of the system

It’s possible to force a new entry in the databases even if the value is equal?

The way this person solved it was to add an attribute to their sensor that updated every 5 minutes.

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Hello @tom_l,

Thank you for the fast response. I will try out this platform for a week or so to verify its functionality.

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