Wrong colours after Tuya converted (tasmota) - "Globe" RGBW Smart bulb

Hello everyone, I purchase a 3-pack of RGBW smart bulbs from costco.ca for 30$. I knew they were tuya bulbs so I thought that they were going to be very easy to add to HA.

Even though I set them up with the Tuya app, they didn’t show up in HA.
Long story short, I converted them, and they are now running tasmota.

The “module” that worked best for me was "Arilux LC11 (38)
From the tasmota web UI I was able to get the bulb to work with:
-on/off works
-Brightness works

However, the Cold/Warm seemed off.

I continued with the HA configuration…
To setup the MQTT I follwed this: https://github.com/digiblur/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Smart-Bulbs

I first tried the RGBWW (5 channel) but that didn’t work.

the RGBW (4 channel) works best, it works just like the tasmota web gui.

Blue = Blue
Green = Red
Red = White

when adjusting the cold/warm
warmest = green
Coolest = warm (orange)

So how do I fix this?
I’m very close… but I don’t know how to change the color channels.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Normally in a sketch you would have an option to change RGB to GBR or GRB etc, if your using a pre-compiled firmware then it maybe listen on the GitHub or website, how to change it.

For ESPHome you just put it in the config file, Tasmota I think you set it in the command part in the devices webpage after you have flashed it.


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Thank you! that really pointed me in the right direction.

despite your help … my issue persist.
no matter what option I enter in the console, nothing changes.

While on the page you sent, looking the wiki I found a “template repository” - and I actually found my bulb!

But again… I select it, save, reboot device… nothing changes.

What am I doing wrong?