Wrong configuration of Hass.io SD Image?

Hi all,
I’m Newbie, sorry… I have install Home Assistant from SD image, but i’m aving first problems.

  • I have configure SSH, I login with root but I’m not able to find “sudo” “apt -get” and other commands, actual $PATH contain : /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin but other command are in /usr/share/bash-completion/completions
  • I’m trying to install some component but with error: Error on device update! 15:10 components/sensor/dnsip.py (ERROR)
    Error on device update! 15:10 components/sensor/cpuspeed.py (ERROR)

I think there are some wrong installation setup on SD image…

anybody can halp me?
thanks a lot.

I don’t think Hass.io has those commands as it’s running on resin os, you don’t really have access to the normal linux commands, if you want that you need to install on raspbian or the Hassbian install.

but I need to install Pico Text-to-Speech, as documentation said: “yypically on debian just dosudo apt-get install libttspico-utils”…
what about a dnsip.py error? how I can install it?

in general I’m not undestend if all components are already installed on Hass.io or need manual installation and how to that.

thanks in advance.

If you installed HASSIO you have zero sudo, apt-get, or any standard gnu/linux utilities. Ignore anything you read regarding installing things, if you are using hassio, because unless it’s already made into an addon, you can either create an addon or you can do without.

hassio is NOT a standard linux distro.

Ok, OK… I’m still learining this amaziong application…
How can install for istance Pico or dnsip?
beacause if I only edit the configuration.yaml as istruction don’t work fine.


If you want to do those things and they do not work out of the box, and don’t have add-ons for them, you need hassbian, not hassio

OK… thankyou. I’ll tray with hassbian…