Wrong consumption

I leave a question in case someone can help me. I was seeing that the consumption of some appliances (for example, the one I am referring to is the air conditioning) shows me wrong… that is, I do the calculation with a Riemenn counter… and it gives me almost double what it actually consumes.

I leave a reference video so you can see what counter I use… https://youtu.be/A5hwY5G8WYc?si=ncoDwL4ocpHWkWvC I do it as is and the count is bad. I don’t know about the other appliances. But this consumption is notorious 0.82kwh and the meter shows 2kwh…

There is another way to calculate what you spend. Taking into account that the device gives me the sensor of immediate consumption (watts), amperes and voltage that reaches it

What method did you choose?


Sounds like you need to use method: left though without seeing your power entity’s history this is only a guess.

ok I’ll try