Wrong Day and Time Energy Dashboard/Shelly


First time here… Have an issue cant seem to resolve.

Have a Shelly EM with 2 x 120Amp Clamps
One takes feed from Grid one take feed from Solar PV

Currently the data shows correctly in Energy. It is showing data but the day and time are incorrect.

Today should be showing 14th October and the time 10-11am…but when i scroll to todays date it is blank but the 13th yesterday is showing current live data.!

I’ve checked the timezone on my Debian, its is correct, I have checked the timezone in Shelly and correct. Ive also checked the timezone in HA also correct.

Its showing the correct date and time usage in Shelly, so narrowed it down to HA…

Any thoughts on what I have missed here and this is a screen shot of my energy dashboard


I think I have the same problem.
On desktop app or in browser (Safari) I have data from 14.10 shows as 13.10.
On mobile app everything seems to be ok.

@gregfacer Can you check Dashboard from other Browser or device?