Wrong lights turn on when turning on lights for an area

Ever since I updated my automation to turn on lights based on area (office) the lights of the kitchen also turn on. I have checked all my configurations, traces and events and I can’t understand why they turn on.

This light should not have turned on, and it does not list any reason why it got turned on.

This only happens when I configure it to turn on/off based on area

If I use the devices one by one instead of the area everything works as expected.

Is this some potential bug or something I have done wrong?

Did you check that the light is in the correct area?

Settings → Areas & Zones.

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Yes, they are in the correct area.

what’s creating the lights? Zigbee, Zwave?

Ikea = Zigbee, so could be binding out of the box. It’s not unheard of.

Here’s a quick & dirty way to test this:

  • Create a group with all your office lights.
  • Turn on the group using a service call > check your kitchen light is still off.
  • Change your automation to turn on your new office group & trigger it > check your kitchen light is still off.

If both the above work without triggering your kitchen light, double check that no other office devices are defined as lights. Only way to check this is to then add ALL lights with area = office into your group and repeat the last 2 steps from above.

If your kitchen light never gets triggered after all this, it could be a bug. Try changing the area for your kitchen light & change it back in case something’s messed up. If that still doesn’t work, it’s definitely a bug which should be raised on github.

Zigbee and using ZHA

  1. I have checked all devices are in the correct areas

  2. All kitchen lights devices, entities or groups are correctly set to the kitchen area

  3. I created an office lights group, triggering the group instead of the area works as expected

This works as expected

The interesting thing is that when it is turned on by the wrong signal, the trigger is not attributed in the entry.

Then all that’s left for you to do is follow my last 2 paragraphs:

Either you have another device in your office area which is recognised as a light, or else there’s an actual bug.
Given there’s no actual trigger info is sent in your logs, I suspect the former. You might have an device in your office which is:
a) recognised as a light
b) bound to the kitchen light by default

Hi @ptheofan

Did you solve your issue?

I believe I have the same behaviour on my system.

I’m running the latest 2024.4.2 version on Home Assistant OS.

When I use the light.toggle service on my “Lobby” area, my kitchen light also toggles.

  • the kitchen light is a Hue lamp, integrated with Z2M
  • the kitchen light is assigned to the correct area (Kitchen, not Lobby)
  • when I use the trigger service on the Kitchen area (the correct one), the logbook shows “kitchen: turned on/off triggered by service Light: Toggle”
  • when I use the trigger service on the “Lobby” area, the logbook shows only “turned on/off” for the kitchen light

I tried to change the area for the kitchen light to a different area and back again, but this does not change anything.


I’m replying to myself…

I followed @ShadowFist’s suggestion and used the developer / template page to list all my “light” devices in the lobby area:

{{ area_entities('lobby') | select('match','light.*') | list }}

And I found the culprit. In the list, I also have a Zigbee group associated in direct bind mode with a Tradfri button and that includes both the Lobby and Kitchen lights. It’s supposed to be used to switch on/off all the main lights in case my HA box is down.

When the light.toggle service is called, this triggers the group and toggles all devices included in this group!

I moved the group to another area, and this is working fine now.