Wrong measurements from Aeotec Multisensor 6


every now and then (like once per 48h maybe), I get measurements that are completely out of bounds, e.g. 0 or 20,000 degF. See example history charts attached. Does anybody have an idea what causes them or how they can be prevented?

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No idea what causes it. I don’t remember seeing the problem when I had the same sensor many moons ago.

You can prevent the spikes with an outlier filter:

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I’m running openhabian with OH 2.4 and I have 3 aeotec multisensor 6 that report temperature. What I’ve noticed is that the sensors report a Celsius temperature once a day causing a spike in my chart. The odd thing is that it apears to happen at the exact same time every day for each sensor. The sensors are all set to report fahrenheit. My OH global setting is for imperial units. You can see what happens in the image. Showbox Tutuapp

That is just a really wild guess, but you could try to run the sensor in celsius and have OH convert it to fahrenheit. HA converts temperatures automatically, if they are not your default units.

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