Wrong name for iPhone in Mobile App

Some where along the line I have sort of broken the Mobile App . I have two instances of home assistant running two different countries on two different machines on two different networks and only one iPhone. My main HA instance apparently “remembers” the phone from before and no matter how many times I delete it always re adds it as iPhone-1 instead of iPhone. I can go in and change the Device name to iPhone but the Services under Developer tools doesn’t reflect the "correction: and only will let me send notifications to iPhone-1. Is there a way to changes Services?

iPhone settings >> general >> about >> name

This is the name that is registered by HA for the phone. You can change this to whatever you want and HA will normally create a notify service for this

the iPhone name shown is my iPhone (in my case Jay_Phone-1). I can go back and correct uses of the Jay-Phone in Device and entities from Jay_Phone-1 back to Jay-IPhone but service only finds the duplicate Jay-Phone-1

Reboot HA after change

I did a full HA reboot… the only place the jay_phone-1 appears is iin Sevice under

Notifications: Send a notification via mobile_app_jay_phone_1

how ever it send the sounds to the right place