Wrong ntp during installation

Hi ,am a beginner and installed ha on rpi4 about a year ago. After updating this month a critical error appears and i had to reinstall the whole system but now the installation process is frozen as the picture you see
I think the problem is with the ntp
I have no clue how to solve it. I am desperate for help… Thank you

@Hayder I have exactly the same situation - and same reason at the same time for the new image. I also think it is an NTP related issue. During boot there is also an error saying the kernel time can’t be synced after a 90s delay. Without synced time it looks like certain security cert related issues also appear.

I’ll be working thru this…

Any ideas for how to solve this? Coz am lost right now hhh

Without knowing the install method and only with that cut down screenshot of a log excerpt there is little chance you will receive support.

Maybe good to read this before posting?

Have you read this?

I solved it !!
1.Using my iphone with vpn installed as sim card internet source.
2. Using tp-link repeater (range extender) with ethernet out socket.
3. Connecting RPI4 to the repeater wia cable

And done.
Thank you for being there always hoping everyone with such problem get this method as a solution.