Wrong precip units on animated weather card

Using OpenWeatherMap with the Animated Weather card (GitHub - wowgamr/animated-weather-card: Animated icons for default Home Assistant weather card). It is giving me precipitation units that are obviously wrong. Perhaps
the numbers are in millimeters but it is putting inches after the number?

Any tips on how to fix this? The Animated Weather card developers says it’s not his stuff that’s doing it.


I see you opened an issue here:

Looks like you need to set your unit system to metric on the Configuration / General page of Home Assistant.

I actually want units to be in inches, but the number here seems to be using mm

Add your details to this issue:

I closed that issue because the developer responded that it was not his component that was causing the issue

Yes, the Home Assistant issue above is the relevant one.

Hello, I just had a question. Everything seems to work great with the card.
The only issue I’m having is the days are not labeled properly using this component.


Is there something in the .js file I can change to get the day label to show properly?

Thanks for any help anybody could provide.