Wrong RFID / NFC tags? iPhone can't read them

Hi guys,

This is a bit out of the scope of Home Assistant, but I guess people who are already using NFC tags can probably help me out.

I bought these tags from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/YARONGTECH-Classic®-Stickers-13-56Mhz-Diameter/dp/B01HEU96C6 just to find out that they’re not readable by the iPhone, probably because of this: Is this compatible with IOS NFC: M… | Apple Developer Forums

So, what specs should I be aware of when buying these tags?
The idea is to have them around the house to automate stuff like opening/closing blinds, turning on/off the TV/Hi-Fi smart plug, opening the car gate, etc

Don’t have an iPhone, but you should check which NFC ISO version your IOS is supporting or search in Amazon for iPhone compatible NFC tags.
I uses those with Android.

@MarcoAlmeida did you ever find any NFC tags that work reliably?