Wrong Time in Logbook if refreshed (sqllite to mariadb conversion)

If I am staying the logbook, all new entries are fine. But If I am refreshing it, then everything jumps one hour back.

I am using a HASS Container and a seperate mariadb / influxdb2 container. The host and the LXC have TZ Europe/Berlin, for the containers I tried the same or left it at UTC.
Currently, HA is 36 minutes off, sometimes different, but the time is right, for every container/device/host.

It seems, that the time for all entries is set to the same time. Like the time isn’t saved as it should and gets ‘rounded’.

If I check the events in the database, the unix timestamp is always ending with ‘0000’.

If I am checking the time with the date_time sensor, it is okay.

The time displayed by the logbook is represented by the timezone your PC / mobile device on which the web browser is used is set to.

My Browser is also in the Europe/Berlin Timezone.

Problem was the wrong datatype from the sqllite to mariadb conversion.
I had to change the float datatypes in the tables to double.