Wrong time on Telegram notify

since last night all telegram notify has a wrong time.
The time showed is UTC intead of my zone time (UTC+2).

sensor.time is ok as well as {{ now() }} function.
Zone are configurated correctly in configuration.yaml (time_zone: Europe/Rome)

Any help is appreciated.


What does your telegram config look like?

Did you change anything since last night? Update What version are you on?

My telegram config seems ok. I don’t think there is a time config in it.
Las t night i’ve changed only this automation: - service: script.my_notify data_template: call_no_annuncio: 1 media_player_google: media_player.nesthub7132 # Using multi-line notation allows for easier quoting message: > ATTENZIONE! Allarme disinserito {{ as_timestamp(now()) | timestamp_custom('%H:%M %d %B %Y') }}

Hassio version 107.7

What is the time on the machine running home assistant?

Can you ssh in and run the command: date

Python is just going to use your system clock to determine the time. Everything you have there looks right…

Is as_timestamp(now()) not always using the UTC time instead of your UTC+2?

Time is ok through ssh command:


just converts time to a number. now() returns local datetime object and utctime() returns UTC - here’s more.

Since midnight, Hassio showing correct time.