Wrong values in daily Energy Dashboard

Hi all. I’ve been running HA with Shelly EM from January without a problem.
I have Influx DB with Grafana for complete energy dashboard, but I’ve come to like the embedded energy dashboard for aggregate data.

The problem I’m having is for the last couple of days, the total energy consumption dumps in a single day, messing all meaningful statistics.

An example:

Is there any way around it? Thank you all!


Sorry don’i have solution but i’m really interested, i’ve the same issue here !
Thank you all !

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Does anyone have any clue about this? It is really frustrating.

I’ve followed this thread -Remove bad data from energy database - #3 by ced1442 - and deleted the days with wrong data from the database, but the wrong values are just added to next day, even though that day didn’t contain any wrong data!

Any help is greatly appreciated!