WS2811 troubles - first 3 leds out of strip

Thanks for hearing my problem. I’m shortly before freak out.

It try to add addressable LED Strip to my daughters bed. I bought 5m 12v ws2811. Everything is relay straight forward with theses LEDs

My problem:
The first three LEDs in the strip are not doing what there are supposed to do. I learned that ws2811 is ordered in groups of three by the ICs on the strip. If i run eg. rainbow effect the also do change color but not in line with the other. Worst part is that the first 3 LEDs not turn off when I turn off the strip. Terrible for the night. Do I miss something? Wiring: all GND together, Vcc to Vcc and Data to GPIO 5.

  - platform: neopixelbus
    type: GRB
    variant: WS2811
    name: "NeoPixel Light"
    id: lichtunten
    pin: GPIO5
    num_leds: 111
      - random:
          name: Zufallsfarbe
          transition_length: 4s
          update_interval: 5s       
      - addressable_rainbow:
          name: Rainbow Effect With Custom Values
          speed: 5 #geschwindigkeit: kleiner langsamer
          width: 35 #blockgröße
      - addressable_random_twinkle:
          name: Random Twinkle Effect With Custom Values
          twinkle_probability: 5%
          progress_interval: 15ms
  - platform: partition
    name: "Partition Light 1"
      - id: lichtunten
        from: 0
        to: 2

For Troubleshooting I tried partition to see if there are part of the strip for the strip or if there are out. I With this partition the first 3 in the strip have eg. red while the next 9 LED have a different color. So the strip places the first 3 LEDs somewhere else.

I already cut off the first 3 because I thought the IC might be dead. Same behavior after the cut.

I haven’t not uesed a, how is it called, level shifter (3V3 → 5V) because the rest of the strip is working fine.

What do I miss? Do I need a sort of thermination? I tried all available libs for this strip:
light: fastled_clockless, varient: 800KBPS etc.

A picture of a 111 LED strip in off state.

Should be green to the rainbow but now bright withe.