WS2814 LED strip with 12m length and 10m cable length

I have a setup with 3 addressable 24V WS2814 LED strips. I was planning to use a QuinLED Dig to control these strips, although I am open to other suggestions too.

I am not sure about voltage drops and such. The 3 strips are at different places in the house and there has to be about 10 meters (wire length) between the controller and the strip. This means both the data and power lines will be that long. 2 of the strips are 12 meters long, and the 3rd is 2 meters (this one is right next to one of the 12 meter strips).

Is this a workable setup? Which QuinLED should I get, or perhaps the only option is 2 separate QuinLEDs? How should I wire the power, does it go through the QuinLED board?

PS: It says on the website that the Quad v3.1 includes the selectable data resistor, but the allnet store only says “V3”. Does that one include it or not? Since the price difference is not high, I might as well get the Octo?