WTF: Badge Editor & Template GUI

One is already a feature request, but thought I’d add to it.

  1. Changing the name of the badge in GUI would be nice. Adding a template feature in the badge GUI would be nice too, since rounded values save space in the badges. I know can edit the raw yaml, or make a template, but aren’t you trying to get away from yaml?

  2. What about a GUI for templates? Just like automations. Even if just has simple rounding, and linear scaling it would be useful

No, not for everything. That is a common misconception. YAML is being replaced for some integration configuration but not all.

You might like to vote for this: WTH can't sensor values be rounded without templates?

Also already a WTH you can vote for here: WTH can’t template sensors be made in UI

Also please have a read of the WTH guidelines: