WTH 2022.04 is later than 2022.10?

This is not the kind of thing I open an issue with all the HA core issue requirements, but as it is the month of WTH, I report it here:

The temperature utility is reported to be deprecated this month (2022.10) but will stop working in the past (2022.04) ;-). Probably just a mistake on the year.

2022-10-11 21:51:51.192 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.frame] Detected integration that uses temperature utility. This is deprecated since 2022.10 and will stop working in Home Assistant 2022.4, it should be updated to use unit_conversion.TemperatureConverter instead. Please report issue to the custom integration author for thermal_comfort using this method at custom_components/thermal_comfort/sensor.py, line 707: return round(temperature.fahrenheit_to_celsius(si), 2)

Now it’s fixed

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