WTH - Add-On Dashboard Needs a separate "Back to Configuration Menu" Button

My example: MQTT Add-On had a major breaking change. So while I was working the Add-On.
I was jumping around the different Tabs, (Info, Docs, Config, Log). Having made several Tab jumps, when it was time to get back to the Configuration Menu. I clicked on the BackArrow, at the top left, I had to Click several times. Playing back the screens that I have been to, before getting to the Configuration Menu. Would be Nice to have a second button, that goes to the Configuration Menu. Maybe something like this

Agree, the “Back” Button is a bit misleading.
Since you do have the different tabs of the Addon you probably use these most of the time to navigate through them.

In this case, I would expect, the back-button should always go back to the Add-Ons Main page, but this is only the case, if you are on the info-page.

If you are on another tab, the back arrow will first navigate backwards to all previously opened pages.
This doesn’t make any sense, because - if you jump multiple times between the different tabs, using the back arrow will be a mess.

This isn’t a WTH … more a WTF :wink:

I posted the wrong pic for the example, like @CChris graphic shows. I meant to show the “Menu Back Arrow” on the Add-On’s page.