WTH am I still using Apple Remote on iPhone?

I have a few Raspberry Pis running Owntone (formerly Forked-Daapd). They work ok-ish with the Apple Remote app. But the available integration seems to be in need of some help.

Only a week ago it eventually started to change its name, a decision that the project owner took at least a year ago; the card is awkward to use if you have a custom playlist; and generally the user experience is not good enough to compel me to leave Apple Remote behind, much as I would like to.

Another option I tried is the media player and streaming to the Pis. But again, I find it not as reliable and easy to use as Apple Remote.

I would like to ask if someone with the adequate programming skills could give a hand there in improving the forked-daapd integration, give a thought to the usability of the media player with remote speakers, or perhaps other fellow HA users could enlighten me to alternative ways to use remote music with HA?