WTH am i supposed to do with devices that exist in multiple areas

Some devices exist between multiple rooms/areas. Light switches might switch lights in a hall and a room, or in my case i have audio devices that are routed to multiple rooms. Another case is doors that exist in in the two rooms adjacent to it. How do i represent these in HA?

This has always puzzled me that a device can be associated with an area, when really entities should be, as a device could have many entities in different areas as you describe.

There might be a way round this by being more creative with the areas you define e.g. for my heating controls I have “Zone 1” (living areas i.e. lounge/kitchen/hallways) and “Zone 2” (sleeping areas i.e. bedrooms). You could also create an area called “Various” to cover things like your phones that are not fixed to a particular area. I also have an area called “Spare” for things I am playing around with and which I have not yet decided an ultimate location for.

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